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About Us

We have called Cairns home for nearly 25 years. We’ve raised a family here, and like many long-term residents, appreciate the unique beauty and lifestyle the region affords. We have a real affection for the Edge Hill village, particularly the corner where the café is situated. Our vision is to bring a quality boutique café concept to the corner with a sustainability focus.

Mark grew up in the hotel industry in the Fiji Islands. His father imparted an awareness of the human impact on our environment, and the need to preserve and protect.   Mark followed in his father’s footsteps, with over 30 years of hotel and restaurant management experience from ventures in San Francisco, Honolulu, Sydney, Gold Coast, Cairns, Fiji, and now to this latest venture – Village Café on Collins. Village Café on Collins is our opportunity to marry hospitality with a sincere desire to see businesses, and the community, take notice of the need for all of us to make a greater effort in our day-to-day practices to preserve the wonderful environment in which we live (and our planet for future generations).

We take pride in featuring quality local and notable regional produce/products on our menu, and in our retail range. The café offers a contemporary cuisine for breakfast and lunch. You will recognise many old time favourites … but with a slight modern twist. We enjoy the relationships we have with our primary producers and purveyors, and support the ethical treatment of their animals and sustainable practices they have adopted. We believe this adds to the flavour of our food – for example, using Misty Mountains Farms milk in our coffee offerings. In addition, the café has a growing retail range of outstanding condiments, pantry favourites and treats, both local and regional, for our customers to enjoy at home. In patronising the Village Café on Collins, you, too, are supporting your local and regional community.

We believe we can provide a quality product and experience for our customers, while honouring our planet.

In community,

~ Mark and Caroline

What is the story behind your food?

Simply, sustainability is “the quality of not being harmful to the environment.” Applied to food, this requires asking some questions about your food. Once we know the answers, we begin to understand the journey our food has taken to get to our plate.

Where does it come from?
It is best to ensure food is sourced locally – in essence, embracing the adage of ‘paddock to plate’. The Village Café on Collins purchases pork and beef from the Mareeba Tableland. Much of our fruit and veg is purchased from local farmers on the Tablelands, Cassowary Coast and Daintree. We also use foods that are ‘in season’ which ensures they are locally grown or sourced. Many of our jams, pastes and chutneys are produced utilising local, exotic rainforest fruits. Tasmanian Huon salmon is used in our dishes – promoting innovative sustainable practices in salmon farming. Misty Mountains Farm (organic) supplies our milk, and our yoghurt, quark cheese and eggs are from Mungalli Creek Dairy (biodynamic) – both local businesses on the Atherton Tableland.

How was it grown?
Where possible, we buy organic – free from pesticides.

How were the animals raised?
For those who eat meat, it is important to prioritise animal welfare. Village Café on Collins supports our local farmers by purchasing direct. Our bacon is from Halcyon Fields, a farm just outside Dimbulah that embraces ethical practices. The farmer, Ross Clarksmith, believes in caring for his animals and the land naturally. Read more at

What sustainable practices do businesses adopt?
You’ll notice our table salt and pepper come from regional producers – Mount Zero and Aussie Pepper. The Pink Lake Salt we use is the result of a partnership between Mount Zero and the local Aboriginal community, the Barenji Gadjin Land Council, who grant access to harvest the salt.

A special word about coffee.
Our choice of coffee is with sustainability in mind. We support ethical businesses in our choice of coffee beans. Village Café on Collins uses Sipping Duck House Blend (local roaster) and Frankie’s Beans 3 Colombians (Sydney roaster). The 3 Colombians blend is a direct trade coffee.

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